15th International Erlang User Conference

Astoria, Nybrogatan 15, 114 39 Stockholm, Sweden

15th International Erlang User ConferenceErlang users and other interested parties are invited to the Fifteenth International Erlang User Conference which will take place in Stockholm, on the 12th November 2009. The conference is aimed at:

* Applications developers using Erlang and OTP (Open Telecom Platform).
* Researchers and technology developers working with Erlang and OTP.
* People interested in the development and use of functional programming.
* People interested in the development of large scale industrial control systems.

We are proud to have 17 speakers at the Erlang User Conference in Stockholm. Just to mention a few:  Github co-founders Scott Chacon and Tom Preston-Werner, Eric Merritt co-author of ‘Erlang and OTP in Action’, Joseph Wayne Norton and Scott Lystig Fritchie from Gemini Mobile Technologies, Jared Flatow and Ville Tuulos from Nokia Research Center. To learn more about our speakers and their talks please go here: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2009/speakers

In addition to the conference itself, there will be three-day Erlang training courses from 9th to 11th November and a day of Erlang and Test-Driven Development Tutorials on the 13th.

Be aware! Each day there are more and more people registering for the Erlang User Conference and since there are a limited number of places we recommend that you register before it sells out!

To learn more please go to: http://www.erlang-factory.com/conference/ErlangUserConference2009

Attendance cost: 750 SEK

Conference Organizer: Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd.

15th International Erlang User Conference

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