2012 International Manufacturing Engineering Conference

International Convention Center, Shanghai, China

The Manufacturing Engineering Division of the American Institute of Engineering and Sustainable Development (AIESD) is pleased to announce the 2012 International Manufacturing Engineering Conference (IMEC 2012). The conference will be hosted at the International Convention Center from April 11-13, 2012, in Shanghai, China.

The 2012 IMEC focuses on current emerging trends, problems, issues and solutions in the manufacturing engineering. Attendees will have a unique chance to new and relevant manufacturing engineering topics that will help them advance their careers, their respective organizations and the overall state of the manufacturing engineering community.

The conference will cover a broad of technical topics in manufacutring engineering. The topics are related to the four major themes of the Conference:


Adhesion and Interface
Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Functional/Multi-Functional Materials
MetalMetal Matrix Composites
PolymerPolymer Matrix Composites
Smart Materials and Structures
Recycling of Composites
Micro and Nano Technologies

Advances in Traditional Nano/Micro/Meso Manufacturing Processes
Laser Based Meso/Micro/Nano Manufacturing
MEMS, NEMS and Biologic Application
Micro-Nano Assembly Systems and Applications
Nanomaterials, Nanofabrication and Their Applications
Sustainable Nanomanufacturing
Ultra-Precision and Micro/Nano Forming of Materials

Advances in Biomanufacturing
Advanced Casting and Semisolid Forming Techniques
Advances in Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes
Advances in Nontraditional/Hybrid Manufacturing
Advances in Plastic Forming of Metals and Other Materials
Advanced Powder Processing Technique
Advanced Welding and Bonding Technology
Green Energy Manufacturing
Manufacturing with Soft Materials
Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings
Properties, Applications and Systems

Advances in Quality and Process Control in Manufacturing Systems
Advances in Pervasive Sensing and Computing for Manufacturing Systems
CAD Based Information Integration in Product and Production Development
Contact Surface Mechanics, Fracture and Reliability
Dynamic Behavior of Materials and Structures
Manufacturing Research Toward Sustainable Transportation
Manufacturing System Operations
Mechanical Characterization and Measurement Techniques
Monitoring, Sensing, and Control for Intelligent Machining and Inspection
Nondestructive Testing
Surface Modification Technology, Wear and Tribology

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