Access 2007 Intermediate Course in Bristol, UK

Almondsbury, Bristol, United Kingdom

By the end of the day you will know how to:
– Understand relational databases
– Relate tables together
– Create complex queries
– Create advanced forms and complex controls
– Create advanced reports
– Use charts in forms and reports
– Create PivotTables and PivotCharts in forms

A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows, and familiarity with a keyboard and mouse

Course Contents
Unit 1: Relational databases
Topic A: Database normalization
Topic B: Relating tables
Topic C: Implementing referential integrity
Unit 2: Related tables
Topic A: Lookup fields
Topic B: Modifying lookup fields
Topic C: Subdatasheets
Unit 3: Complex queries
Topic A: Joining tables in queries
Topic B: Calculated fields
Topic C: Summarizing and grouping values
Unit 4: Advanced form design
Topic A: Adding unbound controls
Topic B: Adding Graphics
Topic C: Adding calculated values
Topic D: Adding combo boxes
Topic E: Advanced form types
Unit 5: Reports and printing
Topic A: Customized headers and footers
Topic B: Adding calculated values
Topic C: Printing
Topic D: Labels
Unit 6: Charts
Topic A: Charts in forms
Topic B: Charts in reports
Unit 7: PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: PivotTables
Topic B: Modifying PivotTables
Topic C: PivotCharts
Topic D: PivotTable forms

Attendance cost: From £185 + VAT

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