Access 2007 Introduction Course in London, UK

United Kingdom,London

By the end of the day you will know how to:
Understand basic database concepts
Plan and design databases
Create tables
Alter tables
Create and edit records
Create and modify queries
Create and modify forms
Create and modify reports

Course Prerequisites
A basic understanding of Microsoft Windows, and familiarity with a keyboard and mouse

Course Contents
Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: Database concepts
Topic B: Exploring the Access environment
Topic C: Getting help
Unit 2: Databases and tables
Topic A: Planning and designing databases
Topic B: Exploring tables
Topic C: Creating tables
Unit 3: Fields and records
Topic A: Changing the design of a table
Topic B: Finding and editing records
Topic C: Organizing records
Unit 4: Data entry rules
Topic A: Setting field properties
Topic B: Working with input masks
Topic C: Setting validation rules
Unit 5: Basic queries
Topic A: Creating and using queries
Topic B: Modifying query results and queries
Topic C: Performing operations in queries
Unit 6: Using forms
Topic A: Creating forms
Topic B: Using Design view
Topic C: Sorting and filtering records
Unit 7: Working with reports
Topic A: Reports
Topic B: Modifying and printing reports

Attendance cost: From £185 + VAT

Event organizer: JB Consulting Ltd

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