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Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using C# Course in Charleston SC, USA on 5 Dec 2011

The "Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using C#" IT education program will be conducted in Charleston SC, United States on 5 Dec 2011.

Charleston SC, United States

This hands-on course examines how to utilize advanced features the .NET Framework using the C# programming language in order to build sophisticated applications. It includes coverage of .NET 2.0 through .NET 3.5. The course begins by quickly examining object-oriented programming topics, including inheritance, partial classes and generics. Students also learn about many of the .NET interfaces and how they can take advantage of them.

Students learn how to manage data using .NET’s object-based and generic collections. The course also illustrates how to use LINQ to make queries of collections, objects, and DataSets. Students learn how to use synchronous and asynchronous delegates to call methods and manage callbacks. Students also learn how to use the Thread and ThreadPool classes within multithreaded applications and explore some of the issues that threading introduces to application development.

The course examines how the .NET Framework uses reflection and how students can provide similar features within their applications. Students also learn about ADO.NET and how advanced features provide support for transaction management, connection pooling, and the management of disconnected DataSets. Students learn about .NET’s support for n-tiered application development, including private and shared assemblies, remoting and web services.

Students also learn how managed code can interact with unmanaged code via features like PInvoke services and COM Interop. The course concludes by examining the security capabilities of the .NET programming model and how to adjust the .NET security policy. Other topics include: how and why to override System.Object methods; boxing and unboxing issues; when to use the String vs. StringBuilder types; working with cultures; .NET support for regular expressions; working with XML; and creating and using custom attributes. Comprehensive hands-on lab exercises using Visual Studio reinforce instructor lectures and build direct competence in the topics presented throughout the course.

Attendance cost: $2,495

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