Advanced Risk Management Practices in Asset Management Course in Paris, France

Paris, France
This intermediate level 3-day course purports to discuss best practices methods and processes of measuring, managing, monitoring and controlling risks in financial institutions asset management activities. It aims to discuss the fundamental challenges imposed by asset management services as they differ in scope and nature from traditional banking activities and address specific means to control market, credit and operational risks.
This course will review recent developments in the asset management industry, especially as they are impacted by the current financial crisis, identify related risks, review appropriate frameworks and discuss proactive means to assess risks in a dynamic and challenging environment for investment funds.
This 3-day course will provide a brief overview of the financial risk management practices in place in modern financial institutions and describe the evolutions from a developmental perspective.
Course features:
Overview of Financial Risk Management Practices
Risk and Compliance Reporting for Investment Funds
Portfolio Risk Management
Measuring the Performance of Internationally
Diversified Portfolios
Overview of Financial Derivatives
Portfolio Risk Management Using Derivatives
Risk Management of Hedge Funds
Funds of Hedge Funds
Portfolio of Hedge Funds – Style Drifts
Operational Risk Management
Who Should Attend
Directors and senior managers of asset management companies
Risk managers
Compliance officers
Pension fund managers/trustees
Institutional investors
Corporate treasurers
Regulators and lawyers
Portfolio managers
Directors and senior managers of insurance companies
Private investors
Attendance cost: £3,730.00

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