Application Security Training: Fundamentals

Espion Training Centre, Deansgrange, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Espion’s 1-day Application Security Course is an introduction to the common security risks within applications, with a series of practical exercises that will equip delegates with the knowledge required to identify and correct any exposures.

The objective of this programme is to reduce the risk to the organisation posed by web applications by educating delegates in secure design and development practices, allowing them to understand, identify and eliminate these new risks before they result in damage the organisation. This course is not code specific.


– Application Security Overview
– Authentication
– Session Management
– Authorisation
– Data Validation
– Information Disclosure
– Code Injection
– Cross site Scripting
– Path traversal
– OWASP Top Ten
– Threat Modelling

Attendance cost: €595

Event organizer: Espion

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