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Big Data Seminar

This Big Data Seminar offered by IET will take place in London, UK on 5 Dec 2012.

Lion Court Conference Centre,
London, UK

This case-study driven Big Data seminar day will equip participants with insider-know-how as to how to implement their big data strategy and furnish them with contacts from across the big data industry to support your work going forward.

Reasons to attend:

- Be amongst the first to hear about the Open Data Institute and discover what its formation could mean to you and your business
- Hear about the engineering solutions behind market-leading big data solutions
- Rub shoulders with the leading minds in data handling
- Immerse yourself in the latest legal know-how surrounding the storage, analysis and extrapolation of big quantities of data
Bringing together researchers, designers, developers and practitioners interested and involved in extracting value from today’s data deluge.

Who should attend?

Joining you on the day will be approximately 50 delegates from across the ICT sector. Below is a selection of the job titles contacts you can expect to meet on the day:

- Chief Information Officer;
- Chief Technology Officer;
- Head of Data Architecture;
- Data Architecture Engineer;
- Algorithms Engineer;
- Lecturers in Marketing;
- Lecturers in Computer Science;
- Senior Software Engineer;
- Software Engineer;
- Solutions Architect;
- Engineering Manager;
- Group Leader – Analytics;
- Professor of Visual Computation;
- Test Engineer;
- Digital Imaging Researcher;
- Technical Consultant;
- Data Scientist;
- Technical Manager;
- Programme Directors / Heads;
- Project Directors / Heads;
- Data Scientists;
- Heads of IT / IT Directors, Directors;
- Heads of Technology, ICT Transformation, Shared Services, Data Assurance, Cloud Computing, Information Governance, Modernisation and Performance, Efficiency and Reform;
- Business Change Directors, Heads of Business Continuity, IT Infrastructure, Information Assurance, Civil Contingencies, IT Security, Data Security;
- Heads and Directors of Supplier Management / Commercial Contracts;
- Heads of Procurement;
- Drivers of Efficiency and Shared Services, Business Change.

Attendance cost: £360

Event organizer: IET

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Where:  Lion Court Conference Centre, London, UK, London, United Kingdom

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