China Aviation Manufacturing Summit 2012


China Aviation Manufacturing Summit 2012China Aviation Manufacturing Summit 2012, as the China’s premier aviation industry event for aviation manufacturing technologies, market potentials, industry prospects, it will bring together more than 200 top professionals including senior level officials from the aerospace manufacturers, government, academia, suppliers, and services to emphasize the effectiveness, versatility, and the need to develop new platforms for the future.

The event will provide attendees with the insights from government officials, the largest advancements in R&D, and newly developed application management solutions as well as business development opportunity.

Main Summit Day One – May 8, 2012, Tuesday, Plenary Session
0800 Registration
0830 Chairman’s opening address
Surveillance & Overview
0840 The Golden Era for Chinese Aviation Manufacturing Industry
0910 China’s Encouragement Policy on Aviation Manufacturing Industry & Its Supporting Industries
0940 Latest Progress on Deepening Low-altitude Airspace Management Reform for Chinese General Aviation
1010 Coffee Break & Networking
1030 NEW Historical Opportunity for Aircraft Manufacturing- Reforming Low-altitude Airspace Management of China’s General Aviation
1100 Dream of Green Aviation: Challenge and Opportunity to China’s Aviation Industry
1130 Panel: Upgrading Transformation of China Civil Aviation Manufacturing Industry
1210 Luncheon
Projects of China’s Aircraft Manufacturing
1400 Updates on Chinese C919 Large Airliner Project Development Progress and Its Global Supply Chain Management
1430 The Latest News about Chinese Commercial Jet Engine Program and Its Global Supplier Selection
1500 Demand Plan by Chinese Domestic Aircraft Manufacturers during “12th Five-year” Period
1530 Coffee Break & Networking
1550 In-depth Cooperation with China’s Aviation Industry by Airbus
1620 Global Procurement Cooperation Strategy on Both Bombardier’s CSeries and Chinese C919
1650 Brainstorm: Enhancing Domestic Collaboration & Developing Global Subcontracting Production Projects
1730 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
1740 Day One Ends

Main Summit Day Two – May 9, 2012, Wednesday, Plenary Session
0800 Registration
0820 Chairman’s Recap
Application of Advanced Materials to Civil Aircraft Manufacturing
0830 R&D Progress of Aviation Materials Industry in China and Its Productivity Transformation
0900 Composite Materials Applications in Structural Aircraft Components and Challenges for Maintenance
0930 Achievements of Applying Advanced Materials to Commercial Jet Engine
1010 Coffee Break & Networking
Technology & Equipment
1030 China’s Global Cooperation Demand for Civilian Aircraft Airborne System
1100 A Booster to Aviation Manufacturing: Simulated Manufacturing Technology and Web-based Processing Technology
1130 Advantages of Using Digital Management in Each Phase of the Entire Life Cycle of Aviation Product
1200 Panel: Forming and Enhancing Digital Collaboration among Aircraft Manufacturers to Make China’s Aviation Manufacturing Industry More Competitive
1230 Luncheon
Pursuit on Technologies and Solutions for Realization of Green Aviation
1400 How to Achieve Green Transition Through by Adjusting Industrial Structure
1430 Biojet Fuel- From Concept to Volume Production
1500 Best Practices in Approaching Green Aviation
1530 Coffee Break & Networking
Emerging Market of Chinese General Aviation
1550 Panel: Layout of China’s General Aviation Market- Time to invest now?
1620 Global Partner Searching and Development Strategy Case Study of Stepping into Global General Aircraft Industry Chain
1650 Building World-Class Manufacturing Base for Civil Aviation Industry
1720 Actions of Main Foreign General Aviation Aircraft Manufacturers in China
1750 Chairman’s Closing Remarks
1800 Day Two Ends

Event organizer: IGVision International Corporation Shanghai

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