Commodity and Energy Markets – Online Course

This course is designed to help users understand the characteristics of the commodity and energy markets through in-depth discussion of commodity derivatives and commodity forwards, commodity futures, commodity options and commodity swaps.
Course Contents
Commodity markets
* Understanding what they are commodity markets
* Types of products and their characteristics
* Concept of commodity market liquidity
* The distribution of commodity returns
Energy Markets
* Natural Gas Markets
* Electricity Markets
* Delivery and settlement in the energy markets
* Energy Futures Markets
* Market OTC Energy Derivatives
* Emerging Markets Energy Commodity
Commodity Derivatives
* Commodity futures contracts
* Commodity forward contracts
* Commodity options
* Commodity swaps
This is an asynchronous eLearning course that can be accessed 24 / 7 from any Internet enabled computer. Access is 91 days. A certificate of completion with professional credits are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

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