The largest source of IT / technology-related events, conferences, trade shows, seminars and training programs provided by global corporations as well as specialized training centers and organizers around the world.

IT Companies and Event Organizers in Belgium is a Belgian company that organizes ”IT AUTOMATION 2012″ exhibition and conference  - a vendor independent platform to showcase innovative products and emerging technologies related to workload automation.

Intellect Technologies LLC

IntellectTechnologies LLC is a Ukrainian-Belgian Company, specialized in the field of SWIFT Integration for Banks and Financial Institutions since 2006. The company is official partner of SWIFT as well as some other local partners. Company has representative offices in Kiev and Brussels as well as partnerships in New-York and Moscow. Read more » is the Belgian SAP User Group that connects corporate users, but also by acts a go-between SAP and the user community and allow participants grow in SAP skills via interesting talks with colleagues from other companies.   Read more »

Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School

The Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School is the autonomous management school of the University of Ghent and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.  Read more »

Wero Consulting

Wero Consulting are specialists in everything and anything architecture, from defining corporation IT Strategy, blueprint and roadmaps using our experienced enterprise architecture and strategy consultants, to defining solution architectures for that mission critical project or transformation programme.


ALGORISMI is a IT Healthcare company with goal is to transform software development from an ad-hoc and obscure process, into one that’s controlled and continuously improved.  Read more »


A-Server is a company that develops advanced private cloud technologies for IT-as-a-Service solutions delivering an affordable yet powerful platform for small and medium enterprises.  Read more »

Axio Systems

Axio Systems provides central IT infrastructure solutions for companies in various industries.
The company offers services to its clients in graphical, printing and pre-press industry,  pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector and also for research institutes, universities and labs.


Attraxion is value added distributor in the Benelux offering a number of high quality products for the publishing, prepress and media-industry through partner-resellers.
The company focuses on the collaboration with the vendors and developers on one hand, and the partner-resellers on the other.

European Alliance for Innovation

European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) is a community of ICT innovators working together to make a better world.
EAI engages the global community in all sectors of society to explore ways in which innovation in technology and business can benefit society at large.

The Alliance aims to bridge the gaps between the market, research and regulation bringing together key players from every discipline within the ICT innovation cycle.

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