Enterprise Intelligence 2009, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Generating meaningful information from all of their corporate data is a challenge for many enterprises and the situation is compounded by the unrelenting increase of both structured and unstructured data in all areas of business.
IDC’s Enterprise Intelligence Conference will explore how the latest technical innovations are now enabling companies to bring raw structured and unstructured data together from multiple sources and transform it into information.

Examining the process of information management from creation, consolidation, analysis and compliance, this conference will provide an invaluable opportunity to understand how to manage the complexities of data and turn it into a valuable source of information   upon which line of business managers can rely to make qualified decisions.

Key reasons to attend

Discover how to develop a business driven information strategy as a mean to success
Hear how to align the technical solution with business process
Identify the benefits of the integration of unstructured data and structured data
Examine the key regulations within compliance that affect your business
Understand what is important to your customers and hear the benefits of a customer centric strategy
Discover how to make your information structure flexible, scalable and adaptable
Explore the drivers and barriers for IM implementation
Hear how IM can ensure improved business performance and workplace productivity
Learn the impact of IM in a “green world”
Ensure your business strategy is on the right track to face the future!

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