Belgium Testing Days

Since 2009, the conference became eventful, and we are happy to present the 5th edition of Europes Innovative Advanced Testing event of the year, in the heart of historical Bruges, Belgium.

The Belgium Testing Days Conference goes outside the usual conference “box”, daring to delve into problematic areas in controversial ways! At the same time, the conference supports diverse testing communities.

The main theme for 2014, in conversations, discussions and presentations, is “The different faces of Testing” enclosed in a “Doing Conference”.

Take a glimpse at the conference program and get an overview of the very famous international speaking line-up of world-class software testing & developers experts covering topics like:
– Agile
– Test Automation
– Crowd-testing
– Cloud & Mobile testing
– Testing in production
– Test Strategies & Techniques
– Test Management
– Finding & Analysing Patterns in Test Automation & its failures
– Development & Testing methods like Test Driven Testing & testing with Selenium
– Exploratory Testing
– Model Based Testing
– Security & Performance Testing
– People Skills & Team management
– Test Process Improvement
– and many more …

You will find +58 great presenters covering those exciting topics for you – speakers like Dorothy Graham, Rob Sabourin, Fiona Charles, Goranka Bjedov, Stuart Reid, Isabel Evans, Graham Thomas, Peter Morgan, Doug Hoffmann, Lisa Crispin, Jan Jaap Cannegieter, Jerry E. Durant and many more…

At every Belgium Testing Days, professionals are assembling for an innovative & challenging conference, a “Doing Conference” with hands-on -, interactive-, advanced – & lab workshops, sessions, keynotes, open panel conversations plus several tracks for developers & testers, for novices & experts, for technical & managers… for everyone concerned in the”quality of software”! Not to ignore the important & special networking possibilities.

Event Venue: The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Attendance cost (value and currency): € 2255

Event Organizer: BTD

Start Date: 17/03/2014

End Date: 20/03/2014

The 3rd Annual European Cloud Computing Conference

Falling in a key period for policymaking, with the European Commission and European Parliament elections this spring, The 3rd Annual European Cloud Computing Conference will be an opportunity to debate future policy priorities for the Cloud Computing sector.

It will explore what the expected market developments in Cloud Computing are and how Europe can best exploit the opportunities offered by the Cloud. It will also discuss the necessary measures to restore trust in the technology following the PRISM revelations in Summer 2013 and how Europe can become the world cloud trusted region through standards and transparency guidelines. It will analyse how cloud Computing solutions can support innovation in the context of policy objectives linked to Horizon2020, and will examine how crucial the activities linked to the European Cloud Computing Partnership are in order to drive growth in Europe.

Event Venue: Square – Brussels Meeting Centre

Attendance cost (value and currency): 160€

Event Organizer: Forum Global

Start Date: 09/04/2014

End Date: 09/04/2014

International Conference on Data Mining – PhD Forum

Brussels, Belgium

The IEEE International Conference on Data Mining will host for the second year a PhD Forum on Data Mining. The aim of the Forum is to provide an international environment in which students can meet and exchange their ideas and experiences. [Read more…]