Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Aspen CO, United States

Fortune Brainstorm Tech is a marketplace of ideas that assembles the smartest people we know — the world’s top technology and media thinkers, operators, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers. These leaders inspire a conversation that informs Fortune’s editorial coverage throughout the year.

Brainstorm began in Aspen in 2001, and we know from experience that Aspen is the ideal — and idyllic — setting to exchange ideas and build relationships, the hallmarks of the Brainstorm experience. We will return again to Aspen in 2012, and look forward to another productive discussion.

The 2012 program—again led by key members of Fortune’s editorial brain trust including Senior Writer Jessi Hempel, Senior Editor at Large Adam Lashinsky, and Executive Editor Stephanie Mehta—will focus on the following program pillars:

I. Mobility Everywhere

We live in a post-PC world, in which computing is ubiquitous, highly personalized—and fits in the palms of our hands. We’ll talk to the giant companies making mobility a reality (and those struggling to keep up) and the innovators pushing the way we use phones, tablets, and next-generation devices.

II. Follow the Money

The most anticipated event on Wall Street this year is also Silicon Valley’s biggest story: the Facebook IPO. We’ll look at the convergence of (and the tensions between) big money and big tech, and the potential for technological innovation to disrupt banks and financial institutions.

III. Enterprise Innovation

Consumer technology may grab all the headlines, but some of the most exciting innovations in tech (Watson, anyone?) are taking place inside companies that serve enterprises. What are B2B companies cooking up this year? How are they turning social media into a business tool? How will they fend off potential competition from consumer-oriented companies eyeing their customers?

IV. Disruptors and Displacers

Tech entrepreneurs—and big companies that innovate—continue to be the most exciting story in business. We’ll meet the best and brightest, and highlight their most exciting products and services.

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