GTC West

Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J St
Sacramento, CA 95814, USA

A one-of-a-kind event that brings together top public sector leaders from throughout the state to focus on the ideas, issues and technologies that will help California meet its daunting challenges ahead.The event will focus on how California can harness innovative thinking and smart technologies to build long-term strategies that mean greater success for the state. A Broader Look at Sustainability: Meeting Today’s Needs While Provisioning for the Future.

Largely associated with environmental issues, sustainability is a much more embracive idea that reaches across all of California’s endeavors. Sustainability means meeting today’s needs while provisioning for the future. It is a powerful framework for thinking and acting on a range of challenges facing California.

Over 10,000 people including the Governor’s Office, Legislature, City/County and State managers will participate in this unique forum that combines Leadership Summits and a State of the Future/Future of the State Exposition. This event will give top decision makers the opportunity to step outside their day-to-day challenges and engage with private sector leaders in a leadership conversation about building a better California.

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