HTML5 & CSS3 Jumpstart Training, Bangalore, 01-02 June 2012

SpringPeople Corporate Learning Centre, Level 3, MSR Building, 671, 9th Main, Sector 7, HSR Layout, Bangalore – 560 102

HTML5 & CSS3 Jumpstart Training, Bangalore, 01-02 June 2012This training program explored about HTML5 and how to incorporate its countless features in Web pages and applications. With this training, the participants will quickly go from the basics of HTML5 to deep dives into advanced topics like Layouts, Forms, Offline Support, Geolocation, Audio & Video, Graphics, Communication APIS, Storage, New Javascript Web Workers and so on.

The participants will also learn how to implement the newest CSS3 Techniques in their Web applications and gain an understanding of the browser support in different modules. Objectives:

In the hands-on HTML5 Jumpstart training course attendees will learn how to create web applications with HTML5 so that they can start using it in their projects right away.

At the end of HTML5 & CSS3 Jumpstart training course, the participants will:

* Know how to use HTML5 Markup
* Know how to use the HTML5 JavaScript APIs
* Understand current browser support for the various HTML5 features
* Understand how to emulate certain HTML5 features in older browsers
* Learn about best practices for using HTML5
* Learn how to use the new features of CSS3

Attendance cost: 9900

Event organizer: SpringPeople

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