Information Security Boot Camp Course in Tallahassee FL, USA

Tallahassee FL, United States

This five day seminar will cover the essential areas needed to construct a well-balanced infosecurity framework. Gain a business-oriented, architectural perspective that define how to organize and oversee a risk-based enterprise information security program, blending best management practices with key physical and IT safeguards. Gain familiarity with industry best practices, legislation, and professional standards for information security.

Who Should Attend

Information Security and IT Managers; Information Security Analysts, Security Architects, Security Administrators; System Administrators, Network Administrators, IT Auditors; and anyone needing a “crash course” in information security concepts and practices.

Course Topics Include

1. Information Security Concepts and Management Practices
2. Laws and Standards Affecting Information Security and IT Audit
3. Security Models, Mechanisms, and Architectures
4. Physical, Personnel, and Environmental Security
5. Availability, Backup, Recovery, and Business Continuity Planning
6. User Authentication
7. Computer System/Operating System Security
8. Business Application and Development Security
9. Cryptography
10. Network Concepts
11. Network Security

Attendance cost: $2,795

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