International Conference on e-Health Services and Technologies (ICEHST)

Sofia, Bulgaria

Focusing on the e-Health domain, ICEHST 2011 aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners whose work has impact on the development of actual healthcare technologies. Such technologies relate to advanced IT solutions and could facilitate activities of great societal relevance. As acknowledged by the United Nations Development Programme, those nations that succeed in harnessing the potential of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) can look forward to greatly expand economic growth, dramatically improved human welfare, and stronger forms of democratic government. All these opportunities relate to the advances in service delivery, seen for instance in WST (Web-Service Technology). Having nowadays a positive impact on the healthcare service provisioning, WST has emerged and developed as an implementation of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture). This ‘service orientation’ in turn relates to significant new possibilities for building (through service composition) powerful automated intelligent systems that adequately support sophisticated healthcare processes.
ICEHST 2011 main focus is on e-Health services and their related technologies, with a particular stress on the modeling of complex e-Health technology-driven service-provisioning systems. The target of ICEHST is to address the fundamental modeling challenges related to e-Health services. In approaching such services though, we are mainly concerned with Tele-Monitoring and Tele-Treatment, as two essential directions of supporting healthcare through advanced technology.

Organized by: IICREST

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