MIS Audit Leadership Institute

Boston MA, United States

MIS Audit Leadership Institute will allow participants to learn why changing times demand changing roles of today’s audit leaders. They will also discover proven strategies for improving communication with audit and executive committee members and their audit team.

Other benefits of attending will include:

– Explore the new directions of the audit leader’s position and what you must;
do to succesfully lead a risk-based audit department in 2012 and beyond;
– Cover conflict resolution and negotiation techniques that will foster sustained
organizational change;
– Examine the role of the audit leader in proactively safeguarding against fraud.

Attendees of this 5-Day, fast-track executive development program will gain from the real-world experiences of Joel F. Kramer, CPA, Managing Director of MIS’s Internal Audit Division; Ann Butera, CRP, Founder and President of The Whole Person Project, Inc.; and Leonard W. Vona, CPA, CFE, Chief Executive Officer, Fraud Auditing, Inc., and author of Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program and The Fraud Audit: Responding to the Risk of Fraud in Core Business Systems.

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