Missouri Digital Government Summit

Capital Plaza
415 W. McCarty Street
Jefferson City, MO 65101, USA

This event is for and about state and local government. The purpose of the event is to foster discussion and dialogue on the use of information technology as a strategic tool for managers, executives and policy makers.

Who Should Attend
If you influence or participate in technology decisions or implementations at any level, you will find benefit in attending.
Don’t miss this opportunity to see the latest in digital government solutions, keep abreast of current policy issues and network with key government executives, technologists and industry specialists.

Event Agenda

Thursday, June 18

8:00 am Registration and Morning Refreshments

9:00 am Opening Remarks

The Honorable Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon, Governor, State of Missouri

9:15 am Opening KeynoteThe Art of Ironman Success

Mark Allen, 6-Time World Champion, Ironman Triathlon
In Government IT today, success – or even holding on for dear life – requires great toughness, endurance and resiliency. Who better to inspire us than the man who is arguably the most successful endurance athlete of our time? As a professional triathlete, Mark won 66 of the 96 races he entered, six consecutive Ironman World Championships in six starts (a record), and a world championship at age 37 (another record). These achievements did not come easy. In this fascinating keynote address, Mark shares the principles that enabled him to turn devastating setbacks into historic triumphs; principles each of us can use to achieve the highest levels of success in our personal and professional lives.

10:15 am Morning Break

10:45 am Concurrent Sessions

Web 2.0 and Government
Government is changing fast. Pressures are mounting to adopt Web 2.0 tools, to be more inclusive with the public, and to be more open and transparent. These tools and approaches offer tremendous power for relatively little investment but at the same time they raise a host of issues and challenges. This session discusses the “how, what, when and where” of Government 2.0 and how you can get in front of it.

Joshua Bullock, Web Developer, Department of Conservation, State of Missouri

Kirk Keller, Technology Services Supervisor, Department of Conservation, State of Missouri

Securing and Protecting Citizens’ Data
The public sector now exceeds private industry in the number of identities exposed, making data security one of the biggest challenges faced by governments today. It is not just a matter of technology – it is also a matter of policy and organization-wide agreement of what security really entails, especially in light of the exponential growth of mobile devices. This session offers a look at some of the security policies and practices currently being used in both public and private sectors.

The Business Case for IT
Government isn’t a business, nor can it pretend to be. But it can think more like one by streamlining operations, understanding real costs, seeking the greatest payback, eliminating redundancy, analyzing customer needs, focusing on customer satisfaction and making informed decisions. IT makes it possible. This session focuses on the most important elements in describing, demonstrating and vindicating the value of IT.

Chris Wilkerson, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Infrastructure, Information Technology Services Division, State of Missouri

Desktop Virtualization
The desktop and its interfaces really haven’t changed all that much in the last couple of decades, but desktop virtualization is a new and growing trend. It is driven by many different factors, including teleworking, outsourcing, centralized applications, asset control, efficiency and overall security. This session takes a look at where the desktop is headed, along with technologies that will lead the way.

Kent Hillman, Computer Information Technology Specialist, Information Technology Services Division, State of Missouri

11:45 am Lunch

12:30 pm Afternoon Keynote

The Future of the Internet

Howard Charney, Senior Vice President, Cisco
Howard Charney is a highly sought-after advisor to governments, businesses, universities and consumer groups regarding the strategies and impact of critical Internet technologies on the way people work, live, learn and play. He is a networking guru who is now a key part of Cisco’s leadership team and was previously the founder and CEO of Grand Junction Networks (the company that invented Fast Ethernet and low-cost switching). He was also a founder of 3Com. Charney holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from M.I.T. along with M.B.A. and J.D. degrees from Santa Clara University, and is a licensed Patent Attorney.

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