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Modern web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

The event with theme "Moderne web-udvikling med HTML5, CSS3 og JavaScript" organized by Trifork A/S will take place in Copenhagen on 31 Mar 2011.

Trifork A/S, Spotorno Alle 4, 2630 Taastrup
Copenhagen, Denmark

Modern web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript logo HTML5 and CSS3 opens completely new opportunities to develop rich
Web applications. Supplemented with an appropriate amount of JavaScript, these applications can become a full-fledged replacement for a ‘native’ application written for a given platform.

On mobile devices, the possibilities are extra good – here is WebKit-based browsers at> 90% of the units, and no opportunity to bump into an IE6.

Speaker: Kim Dalsgaard Rasmussen Trifork

Attendance cost: Free

Event organizer: Trifork A/S

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