Network Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing Training Course – Philippines


The Network Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing┬átraining will take students into the realm of real-world hacking. Discover how hackers really work and execute – from this perspective, students will be able to understand hackers’ styles and techniques – enabling them to strategize how to defend their corporate networks.

Fully understand the importance and business value of Penetration Testing, determine assets that requires security assessment, conduct Vulnerability Assessments, develop and execute Penetration Testing workplans, utilize security tools, manage security changes in a corporate setting and generate and analyze technical and managerial reports.

Workshop Outline

Module 1: Network Security Testing Overview

Network Security Testing Methodologies
The Open Source Security Testing Methodology (OSSTMM)
The Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)
The NIST Guideline on Network Security Testing (SP 800-115)
Information Security Testing TechniquesPhases in Network Security Testing
Passive and Active
DEMO: Passive and Active Gathering/Scanning
White-Box and Black-Box Approach
Blue Team and Red Team
Legal Perspective

Module 2: Footprinting and Information Gathering

How information about a target may be gathered discreetly
Acquiring target information (Passive Reconnaissance)
Scanning and enumerating resources (Active Reconnaissance)
Network Mapping
Operating System and Services banner grabbing
Operating System and Services Fingerprinting

Module 3: Vulnerability Assessments (VA) Concept

Definition of Risk, Vulnerability and Threat
Risk Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment Methodology
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure (CVE) list
Vulnerability Assessment tools
LAB: Vulnerability Scanner

Module 4: Windows Enumeration and Hacking

Microsoft NetBIOS Names
NetBIOS Name Service Enumeration
LAB: NetBIOS Enumeration
Microsoft RPC Services
LAB: RPC Enumeration
Microsoft SMB
Enumerating Shares
Enumerating Users, Group, SID (Security Principals)
Automated SMB Enumeration Tools
LAB: SMB Enumeration (via Null Session)
SNMP Protocol
LAB: SNMP Enumeration
Windows DNS Enumeration
Directory Service Enumeration
LAB: Automated Windows Enumeration Tools

Module 5: Firewall & IDS Evasion

Module 6: Exploits

*This is only a partial course outline, for complete details, please contact the undersigned.

Event organizer: Judy Raon

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