Oracle Essbase Live Webcast

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Starts At: 10:00 a.m.

Oracle Essbase is the leading online analytical processing (OLAP) server available today.

Oracle Essbase provides an environment to quickly develop the habit of analysis and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications that are managed by business users. 
Designed for scalability, security and rapid response, Oracle Essbase Analytics offers users and allows companies to quickly model complex business scenarios. Through an intuitive interface, users can manipulate large data sets to model complex scenarios, the results of the forecasts, and perform what if analysis to identify trends and optimize business outcomes.

The key features of Oracle Essbase:

* Eliminate silos of business intelligence and disconnected from spreadsheets
* Provides real time analysis of key customer data, business profitability and product profitability
* Offers cost savings of links to existing systems
* Characteristics of the speed of thought analysis of thousands of concurrent users
* Available for quick and easy development, deployment and maintenance
* Includes a solid security system

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