Oracle Federal Forum in Ottawa, Canada

Fairmont Chateau Laurier
1 Rideau Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1N8S7, Canada

Oracle and our partners invite you to the Oracle Federal Forum, where we will discuss the critical challenges. As the largest global provider of enterprise software, Oracle is uniquely positioned to help the government solve their critical problems. As a longstanding partner with the federal government, Oracle has helped more than 1,500 government organizations worldwide meet their critical missions.
Federal government agencies are transforming to meet growing public demand, legislative mandates, and economic and political pressures. Agencies should be more efficient and accountable, while providing services and information to constituents more quickly and in a cost-effective. Traditional information systems and increasingly complex programs that is difficult to achieve government objectives.

This conference will provide federal government organizations:

* Prospects for industry strategists and thought leaders in achieving operational efficiency, the implementation of regulatory compliance, reducing costs, and improve constituent services
* Real-world best practices and lessons from major government organizations
* Opportunities contact with other government officials, community of Oracle partners and Oracle experts

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