Oracle Multi-dimensional Analysis Tool Platform Camp, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan

No doubt, business intelligence has become in recent years following the ERP, CRM and other applications in the market in one of the most popular topic, according to Fortune magazine survey found that the former five hundred large companies are actively using the advanced business intelligence-based information Technology, to obtain a competitive advantage compared to competitors for data analysis. IDC forecast that Taiwan’s BI software market will grow by 2015 to 798 million yuan of the scale. 

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition includes the multi-dimensional analysis tools (Essbase) support for multi-dimensional cutting, hub, merge, simulation, sub-Cube nested query and calculation, Excel users directly through the multi-dimensional analysis to improve usability; In addition, Oracle Essbase multi-dimensional analysis is also available to assist commercial allocation and budget planning of the financial functions, statistical functions such as height functions of more than 250 types of calculations, sufficient to address the needs of enterprises of various predictive simulation to meet the different situations of the business logic, and its wide range of applications, such as Changes in price and volume modeling, sensitivity analysis, pricing strategies, profit and loss forecast and sales forecast Dengjun in his column.

To enable you to better understand the operation of business intelligence software for enterprise performance benefit, especially to launch the Oracle, Oracle multi-dimensional analysis tool platform experience camp, experienced Oracle experts will lead you to experience the real machine with an unprecedented interactive information show, in the shortest time important information you need to show flexibility to quickly build business intelligence, helping you to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises!

Event Agenda
09:30 – 09:40 Welcome Speech
09:40 – 10:40 Essbase front-end analysis tool – Excel
10:40 – 11:00 Break
11:00 – 12:00 How to quickly build Essbase back-end model

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