Prince-2 Training & Certification by UNICOM – Chennai (June)

Chennai, India

Prince-2 Training & Certification by UNICOM - Chennai (June)Prince2™ (Projects In Controlled Environments) training program (5 days) is a widely used project management method that navigates you through all the essentials for running a successful project. This intensive course is designed to cover the PRINCE2 2009 Foundation and Practitioner syllabus, and to prepare delegates for the PRINCE2 exams

Program objective:

• To understand why projects need to be managed differently from the operations of the organisation
• To understand how PRINCE2TM projects are organised
• To understand the role of senior management in a PRINCE2TM project
• To understand how day-to-day management of a project is delegated to the Project Manager in a controlled way
• To understand how work is assigned from the Project Manager to a Team Member
• To understand how management keep control of a project using Management by Exception
• To understand the role of management in ensuring risks to the project are effectively managed
• To understand the role of management in ensuring that the project delivers the required benefits to the organisation
• To understand the approach used by PRINCE2TM to control changing requirements

Who should attend?

• Professionals wishing to gain formal qualifications after previous project management experience
• Professionals with project support office or project assurance roles
• Team Managers,Senior managers
• IT governance
• Consultants
• Project Managers
• Program Managers
• Business Analysts
• Delivery Managers
• Professionals from IT,Telecom,Healthcare,Banking,Finance

Attendance cost: INR 42000

Event organizer: Unicom Learning

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