Prism 100% Accurate Intraday Trading System


The 5-day training consists of 1 day of theory class, generally on a Sunday, followed by 4 days of live trading practical where the Learner sits with the Analyst and watches the market minute by minute; predicting the buy/sell opportunities, calculating Nifty Future levels with 100% accuracy and if desired, trading on it too.

The PRISM Intraday Trading system is actually a discovery: a discovery of a combination of things that help you understand and read the market movement with uncanny accuracy.

The difference between PRISM’s trading system training and Technical Analysis course is that the former does away with lots of unnecessary information which only confuse the trader. Instead, it focuses on the very few things that the trader needs to know to trade the market with 100% accuracy.

The training is followed by 2 months of online support which also includes Buy and Sell Calls beside step-by-step guidance.

Attendance cost: R 35000

Event Organizer: Arunangshu M Lahiri

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