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Project Communications Management Course in Boston MA, USA

The "Project Communications Management" IT course will be conducted in Boston MA, United States on 6 Oct 2011.

Boston MA, United States

This course helps attendees assess their project communication needs, plan for meeting those needs, and effectively communicate project status and forecasts throughout the project life-cycle. Learn how to create a functional, practical project communications plan as well as trending and forecasting and performance reporting.

The course is particularly helpful for new project managers who have been promoted to project manager, and for project managers working in multi-stakeholder project environments.

What you will achieve

- The knowledge of how to analyze your project communication requirements for keeping internal and external project stakeholders informed of project status
- The ability to create a functional, practical project communications plan
- The knowledge of what communication tools are most effective in what circumstances
- Ability to effectively communicate project status, and the project’s completion schedule and cost.

What you will learn

- Communications in the PMBOK Framework – knowledge of the processes of Project Communications for the prospective of PMI.
- Stakeholder Assessment how plan for project communications by identifying internal and external project stakeholders and their information needs
- Project Communications Plan how to develop a project communications plan, with special emphasis on how to plan for communicating in a multi-stakeholder environment
- Communications Distribution how to plan and manage your communication channels, and monitor their effectiveness
- Performance Reporting how to effectively keep stakeholders informed of project progress
- Trending and Forecasting how to stay ahead of problems by assessing project technical, cost and schedule trends and forecasting estimates at completion
- Administrative Closure how to manage the project end-game, and efficiently close out projects

Attendance cost: $1,595

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