Secure Web Application And Coding Training Course


Today, there are no web developers who want to go extra mile of introducing security into their code, unless they are security conscious or have an interest in security. The strict deadlines and pressures on developers themselves exhaust their time on projects resulting in a vulnerable web applications which could lead to theft of millions of credit cards, major financial and reputational damage, and even the compromise of thousands of browsing machines that visited Web sites altered by attackers.

This topic discusses security logging, input validation, encoding, authorization, authentication, prepared statements, exception handling, and other topics in the context of web development languages.


Security Principles Overview
Importance of Security In the Software Development Lifecycle
Elements of Secure Application Development
Risk Assessment
Threat Modeling
Defense In-Depth
Positive Security Model
Principle of Least Privilege
Separation of Duties
Security by Obscurity
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
Digital Signatures
Methods of Authentication
Common Authentication Attacks
Implementing Secure Authentication – Design and Coding
Authorization and Access Control
Session Management
Input/Output ValidationError Handling
Validation Overview
Common Exploits (SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, HTTP Response Splitting, etc.)
Implementing Secure Input/Output Validation – Design and Coding
Error Handling
Building Secure AJAX Applications

*This is only a partial course outline, for complete details, please contact the undersigned.

Event organizer: Judy Raon

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