Social Media for Creatives

Google Campus, London, United Kingdom

Social Media for Creatives: Standing out from the crowd
Are you an artist? Do you keep your work hidden for others to see? Or do you want to think creatively on how to showcase or sell your work to the world?

This workshop is here to help you do just that. and the good news is – your creativity gives you unfair advantage in online marketing. When you start putting your own art in the way you present yourself online, and connect with like-minded people online, you will turn your marketing into your passion.


If you want to find out more about how to stand out from the crowd, join us on Friday 23 November from 10 to 12 in the morning at the Google Campus in London. Our expert speaker will share with you how to promote yourself online as an artist and create your online personal brand. He will show you how to make your own online portfolio using social media tools like Tumblr and Pintrest, how to set up your own blog to share your passion with others, how to connect with like-minded people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and how to create a global fanbase of your work. You will learn how to turn your creativity into an advantage, and establish an online presence that acts as a magnet for fans, customers and professional opportunities.

So if you are a designer or a creative, employed or freelance, or anybody else who want to showcase your portfolio of work online, this is your chance to stand out. Click on this link to register and pay your registration fee so we will keep your seat for you. See you on 23 November.

Who should attend:
This workshop is suitable for designers, creatives, freelance designers and creatives, digital designers, artists and anybody else who want to showcase their portfolio of work online.

Attendance cost: £10

Event organizer: Love Social Media

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