Social Pulse Summit 2012

United States,Las Vegas NV

Join the 2nd Social Pulse Summit and discuss how companies can use social media to build brand loyalty, resolve customer complaints and conduct market research at low cost.

These strategies as discussed by industry leaders will provide insight on creating metrics to track social media productivity in actual gained revenue using innovative software technologies that can both manage viral customer feedback and monitor employee usage to ensure the right message is getting out to consumers.

At the event you will learn how to:

Increase ROI through social media campaigns: E-Commerce Integration, Excess Inventory Sales, and Consumer Brand Awareness.
Manage Potential Risk Factors Involved with Social Media. Presence: Viral Customer Complaints and Internal Information Leaks.
Utilize Social Media Groups as a Form of Market Research: Lower Costs, Increased Data Accuracy, and Testing of New Product Launches.
Integrate Social Media into Current Business Structure
Determine the Right Budget Allocation for Social Media Campaigns.
Analyze the Success of a Social Media Investment: New Technology, Choosing the Right Software & Platform, Developing Metrics.
Leverage Social Media Forums as a form of Customer Support.

The Highlights of the program:

4 Sessions on Social Media Strategy
3 Sessions on How to Avoid the Negative Impact of Social Media
4 Sessions on How to Capitalize on Unique Opportunities
3 Sessions on How to Develop and Accurate Budget for your Social Media Campaign

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