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Celtic Manor Resort
Newport, UK

SQLBits V conference - Newport, UKSQLBits is Europe’s largest conference of SQL Server, and SQLBits V will be the biggest and best yet. On November 19 we are holding a day of pre-conference workshops, on 20 November we have a payment for attending day SQL Server 2008 and the contents of R2, and Saturday, 21 November we have our usual free community conference.

To complement the great experience of the sessions on the Saturday we have partnered with some companies to provide training seminars on the first day of the conference (Thursday, November 19, 2009)

There are 5 seminars to choose from:

Introduction to MDX  with Chris Webb

If you want to get the most out of your Analysis Servicescube it’s essential to know and understand MDX: you need it to be able to writequeries and calculations, and also to be able to use more advanced featuressuch as cell security. This one-day seminar, aimed at those with little or noprevious MDX experience, will teach you the basic concepts of the language aswell as show you how to write common queries and calculations.

Self Service Business Intelligence – making it real with Donald Farmer

With SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft is bringing “Self Service” Business Intelligence to a potentially huge audience of Office and SQL Server users. But what is “Self service” and how will it affect the roles of business users and IT professionals? In this session we explore the business cases, the technologies and the techniques of self-service BI in SQL Server 2008 R2. We’ll explore the background to these exciting technologies, and we’ll carefully cover the role of IT in securing, provisioning and sustaining the infrastructure required to bring the next generation of BI to the world of business.
Practical Performance Tuning and Monitoring for SQL Server with Jasper Smith

This training day will focus on two key areas, collecting and analyzing SQL Server performance metrics and Index Tuning. At the end of the day you will have the tools and knowledge toeffectively monitor your SQL Server environment large or small and to analyze and interpret the data to tune your SQL Server workloads
A Day of SQL Server 2008 for Developers with Niels Berglund

SQL Server 2008 introduces many new exciting features for developers.
In this day long workshop we will have an in-depth look at some of these new features and see what they can do for us as developers. The agenda for the day looks like this:
We will start with looking at new T-SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2008 and what the can do for us as developers in order to become more productive and also get better performance from our code.
We then go on to look at changes in the type system of SQL Server 2008 and specifically the more“traditional” T-SQL types. We will look at how the changes are implemented and how we as developers can utilise these types to write as efficient applications as possible.
After lunch we start looking at a really new exciting feature in SQL Server 2008; Automatic Data Change Management. This is a lightweight solution that provides an efficient change tracking mechanism for applications and we will look at how change tracking is implemented inside SQL Server and how it can be used from inside applications.
Finally we will go outside the realm of relational data and look at the new spatial datattypes that was introduced in SQL Server 2008. We look at what theyare and how they can be used.

XML master class – using XML with SQL Server with Simon Sabin

In this seminar we will cover the end to end story of processing XML with SQL Server.

Throughout the seminar we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using XML at each stage along with the options available to you. This will focus on supportability, performance and extensibility. At eachstage we will also highlight how to use namespaces, most examples skip overthis area which is unfortunate as most XML documents contain namespaces of someformat. After this seminar you will be able to troubleshoot the commonnamespace situations you will encounter

Use of XML as an interface format is very wide spread and soyou will likely have to be importing or exporting XML documents at some point.This seminar will give you the tools you need to be able to achieve this andalso highlight many of the pitfalls you may encounter along the way.

What’s happening on Friday November 20th?

The four previous SQLBits conferences have all been great successes, but we’ve been very aware that there are a large number of people who’d like to attend SQLBits but can’t because it always takes place on a Saturday. As a result we decided to expand SQLBits to have a multi session, multi track day on the Friday, similar to the one we will be having on the Saturday. In conjunction with the pre-conference seminars this makes 3 days of top-class SQL content.

Will the Friday event be exactly the same as the SQLBits Saturday event that I know and love?

No, the Friday event is going to be different in the following ways:

  • All of the content will be focused on SQL Server 2008 and the forthcoming R2 release
  • The speakers will be well-known names from the world of SQL Server
  • It’s not free – there will be a charge of £99 to attend if you register before October 31st, £149 if you register between November 1st and November 15th, and £199 after that.

How come I’ll have to pay to attend on the Friday?

Although we’re able to make the SQLBits Saturday events free-to-attend through the generosity of our sponsors, there’s no way we could raise enough money to support a two-day conference. As a result we made the decision to charge for the Friday event to help cover its costs. SQLBits is a not-for-profit organisation, so no-one will be making any money from the Friday event.

How will this affect the SQLBits Saturday event?

Not at all – the SQLBits Saturday event taking place on November 21st will be run on exactly the same format as all previous SQLBits conferences, and will continue to be free-to-attend.

What kind of topics will be covered on the Friday?

Topics covered on the Friday will include the following:

  • Business Intelligence:
    • Gemini and self-service BI
    • New functionality in Reporting Services for SQL Server 2008  and R2
    • Master Data Services
    • Project Madison
  • DBA
    • Multi-server management
    • Data-tier application control
    • Enhancements in the MDW
    • Policy-based management
    • Compression and Encryption
    • Mirroring enhancements, Compressible log stream and page level repair
    • Scalability – Going to 256 cores
    • Handling large data sets with partitioning management and query improvements
    • Improve large data operations with new bulk logged operations
  • Developer
    • Enabling integration with 3rd party systems with Change Data Capture
    • Managing replication to 100s of devices using Change tracking and Sync Services
    • Spatial Data, Integrated Full text search and XML data
    • New data types and programming improvements

Who will be speaking on the Friday?

The full line-up of speakers has yet to be confirmed, but so far we have:

  • Donald Farmer, from the Microsoft BI development team
  • Thomas Kejser, from the Microsoft SQLCat team
  • Chris Testa-O’Neill
  • Simon Sabin
  • Chris Webb
  • Allan Mitchell
  • Martin Bell

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