Microsoft Advanced Excel 2003

Institute of Directors,
London, UK
If you have been using Microsoft Excel for a while now, maybe it is time to move on a bit. This two-day course shows how you can use Excel to manage a database, create advanced charts, use some of the advanced functions in Excel and much more besides! Why not spend two days finding out just what Excel can do?
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SharePoint 2007 for the Enterprise

Microsoft (Thames Valley Park), Reading, UK

Discover the benefits of using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for Enterprise organizations.

More than 80% of an organization’s digitized information reside in individual hard drives and in personal files. In addition, individuals hold the key to the knowledge economy and most of it is lost when they leave the organization. SharePoint 2007 serves as a platform for the future, offering many benefits to your enterprise, including enhanced collaboration and search features, as well as improved delivery of business intelligence. [Read more…]

Exploring SharePoint 2013 – Nashville

Nashville, TN, USA

Exploring SharePoint 2013 – New Features: Preparing Users for Upgrade and MigrationThis course is a hands-on guided tour of SharePoint 2013’s new user interface, most significant new features, and enhancements in functionality, aimed at Non-technical Business Professionals who are very comfortable working with SharePoint 2010 on a regular basis, and very familiar with its features. [Read more…]