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The Future of Oracle Clinical, Remote Data Capture, and Thesaurus Management System with BioPharm Systems and Oracle’s Director of Product Strategy

This webinar offered by BioPharm Systems will take place on 10 Jan 2013.


It is no secret that most sponsors and clinical research organizations consider Oracle Clinical (OC), Remote Data Capture (RDC), and Thesaurus Management System (TMS), the most comprehensive clinical systems on the market.

It is also no surprise that even with the arrival of numerous new systems since OC’s inception in the mid-1990s, OC, RDC, and TMS have continued to thrive, due to their affordability, scalability, and improved system functionalities related to the complex clinical study design, performance, interface and flexibility requirements of today’s clinical trials.

Whether your organization conducts electronic clinical trials or paper clinical trials, these systems simply provide the best return-on-investment.

Please join BioPharm Systems’ Director of Client Relations, Vicky N. Green, and special guest from Oracle, Director of Product Strategy, Chris Huang, for a free 60-minute webinar in which they will:

– Discuss the future of OC/RDC/TMS
– Share a sneak peek into the improved features in the current release of OC/RDC/TMS
– Highlight Oracle’s continued commitment to the development and support of OC/RDC/TMS
– Host a live Q&A session with webinar participants

Attendance cost: Free

Event organizer: BioPharm Systems