The Internet Show Asia 2012 Conference

Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore

The Internet Show Asia 2012 conference is the region’s only internet event that brings together Big, Medium and Small enterprises, all eager to find new ways of doing internet business. It is a business, not a technology show.

Learn how to:

– Reach your consumers through the digital platform
– Measure and optimise online marketing
– Create a loyal and engaged audience through digital content
– Grow your brand’s presence on the internet
– Run effective online marketing campaigns

– Be an engaging brand in social media
– Set up an online store
– Cut costs and stay relevant
– Measure your returns on social media investments
– Protect your brand against online abuse

– Choose the right payments platform
– Increase marketing accuracy through geomarketing
– Reduce time spent on logistics and fulfilments
– Build a winning e-commerce strategy
– Create a mobile commerce experience

– Connect your business to the cloud
– Define and address security and privacy challenges
– Utilise free and open source web applications
– Integrate IPTV
– Fuse cloud and hosting in your business

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