TOGAF Certification Courses

London – training available on request throughoout the UK

TOGAF Certification Courses
TOGAF Level 1 & 2 Four Day Certification Training Course AND TOGAF Level 1 & 2 Weekend Certification Training Courses

Our course calendar offers a selection of public courses making it easy to obtain TOGAF™ certification promptly and without fuss; the course content and examples prepare all delegates for the exams. The course content is based on the Open Group TOGAF™ framework and we strive to produce lively and innovative training programmes for our delegates, revising content based on feedback.

These accredited training course uses a variety of exercises and content to make you familiar with all the content of TOGAF 9. To prepare you for the exam, you will have the opportunity to try out practising exam questions. This training course combines the ‘TOGAF9 Foundation’ and ‘TOGAF9 Certified’ content and exams. After passing the examination at the end of the course, you will be registered in the Open Group register as ‘TOGAF9 Certified’.

Course outline

Management Overview
• The TOGAF®9 Components
• An Introduction to the Architecture Development Method
• The Enterprise Continuum
• The Architecture Repository
• The Architecture Content Framework
• The Architecture Content Metamodel
• The Preliminary Phase
• Architecture Governance
• Business Scenarios
• Stakeholder Management
• Architecture Views and Viewpoints
• Building Blocks and the ADM
• Phase A: Architecture Vision and Implementation Support Techniques
• Phase B: Business Architecture
• Phase C: Information Systems Architectures
• Phase C: Data Architecture
• Phase C: Applications Architecture, and the III-RM
• Phase D: Technology Architecture and Foundation Architecture
• Phase E: Opportunities and Solutions and Planning Techniques
• Phase F: Migration Planning and Techniques
• Phase G: Implementation Governance
• Phase H: Architecture Change Management
• ADM Requirements Management
• Architecture Partitioning
• Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Iteration and Levels
• Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Security
• Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: SOA
• Architecture Maturity Models
• Architecture Skills Framework

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Attendance cost: £1,100

Event organizer: Heather Wilcox

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