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5TH Annual Centrifugal Pump Workshop

The 5TH Annual Centrifugal Pump Workshop provided by Top Link Conference & Event Management will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 23 Nov 2012.

International 5-Star Hotel,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

There are three types of problems mostly encountered with centrifugal pumps: Design errors, Poor operation and Poor maintenance practices. To alleviate these problems, we Top Link Conference & Event Management, present you with “5th Annual Centrifugal Pump workshop” courses.

By attending these two workshops, you will able to master the following pump techniques: Pump design, sizing, selection, performance analysis and troubleshooting for centrifugal pump while optimization of mechanical seals for centrifugal pump.

The event is divided into two workshops. For the Workshop 1, it is a workshop about Pump Design, Sizing, Selection, Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting for Centrifugal Pump. While for Workshop 2, it is discuss about Optimization of Mechanical Seals for Centrifugal Pump. Workshop above is presented by Mr. Himadri Sen who is a veteran with more than 35 years experience in centrifugal pump on both process and mechanical side. His clients include Fortune 500 companies from water works, hydrocarbon fuel terminal and petrochemical industry.

Benefits of attending this event:
? In depth understanding of the working principles of centrifugal pumps
? Exploring critical pump parameters one needs to review, when evaluating the offers received from pump
?Maximizing the performance of your mechanical seals to achieve high efficiency in your centrifugal pump
? Leveraging the mechanical seal selection to optimize the performance of your centrifugal pump
? Identifying the catastrophic failure modes occurring in mechanical seal to reduce the down time of your centrifugal pump

Attendance cost: USD 2988

Event organizer: Top Link Conference & Event Management

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