VAS Growth Markets 2011

Moevenpick Jumeraih Beach Hotel,
Dubai, UAE

VAS Growth Markets 2011Bringing the hottest topics in the region, VAS Growth Markets in 2011 will identify innovative and revenue-generating value added services, and examine operator business models for competitive and cost-efficient delivery. The conference will examine how to maximise the capabilities of next generation technologies to deliver the most advanced, user-centric services.

Join us to discuss how to drive the uptake of VAS in Growth Markets, including:

* What Services will Really Generate Excitement and What will Subscribers Pay for?
* Maximising Opportunities with Mobile Social Networking
* Delivering Advanced Services With 3G+ Technology
* Innovating with VAS to Increase Customer Loyalty
* Increasing Revenues: Discovering Opportunities with the Managed VAS Model
* Identifying Profitable Business Models for the Region

We offer 50% discount for regional operators

“The VAS Growth Markets event can potentially change the VAS landscape in the Middle East and therefore this is an important date in my calendar.”
Samson Isa, Head of VAS, Globacom Nigeria

Benefit from the shared session with Managed Services Growth Markets 2011 on the Managed VAS Model, and joint networking sessions.

Event Organizer: Informa Telecoms & Media

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