Video for the Web / Course in London, UK

London, UK

Video offers businesses huge opportunities to develop both a richer customer experience and develop new marketing opportunities. This program helps you to understand how to do this cheaply and effectively.

In the UK we watch over 280 million hours of video each month, with that figure still growing. Successful corporate use of Video can deliver brand awareness and direct sales.

Some of the reasons why organisations use video on the web include:
– Marketing product or services
– Brand or product launches
– Media, blogger and social media relations
– Video news releases
– Crisis and reputation management
– Content for websites
– Talking heads or interviews
– Thought leadership
– Client testimonials
– Meet the team
– Recruitment
– Training
If you are not using video in your promotional mix it’s time you did; if you are then this course will help you ensure that your videos are impactful for your audiences and visible through search and social media.

On the course, you will learn the skills needed to present and produce your own web videos and ensure that they are distributed effectively and ‘findable’ for your audiences.

Who should attend?
Marketing professionals, PR professionals, bloggers and journalists who want to reach customers using video. Suitable for all business sizes and across all sectors.

How will I benefit?
You will be able to select suitable equipment, technology, story board simple video shoots, shoot, edit and distribute your video effectively.

What will I learn?
– What is “video for the web”?
– What are the different styles of video production
– What style is best for you?
– Introduction to different recording devices
– How to find the best camera for you
– How to use the camera
– The creative process:
– Story-boarding
– Scripting
– Briefing a crew
– Examples of best practise
– Different shots
– Top tips when shooting
– How to copy files from the camera to computer
– How to edit in iMovie, Finalcut etc
– How to compress a file
– How to upload to video platforms
– How to post to your blog and other owned online assets
– How To upload to multiple platforms simultaneously
– ‘Go Shoot’ – group based hands-on filming assignment
– Critique of group assignment and additional practical tips
– Making your video visible and marketing video content
– Video websites and how to use them
– Optimising video for search engines/SEO
– Distribution sites and aggregatoras
– Tracking video views and usage using analytics, TubeMogul etc
– Introduction to Live Streaming

Tickets: £545 + VAT
Contacts: Econsultancy, 020 7269 1470

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