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Winter Global Business Conference 2013

The "Winter Global Business Conference 2013" will take place in Tignes, France on 4 Feb 2013.

Tignes, France

Winter Global Business Conference 2013 in Tignes primarily aims at understanding the key issues for growth in shrinking markets. We are interested in different perspectives: different fields’ perspectives, different levels of analysis (macro to micro), different industries, etc.

Shrinking markets can be observed from, at least, three perspectives: (1) macro perspective: market shrinkage as a result of crisis – therefore all industries and markets to a certain extent face the shrinking market today; (2) industry perspective: market shrinkage as a result of industry maturity – in mature environments it becomes increasingly challenging to achieve growth; (3) firm perspective: market shrinkage as a result of firm’s bad choices.

Shrinking markets can be taken as given, thus seeing the market players (competitors, consumers, governments, etc) and needing to adjust to the new rules of the game. However, the question that arises is what can be done to achieve growth in spite of shrinking markets? What are some key issues that can help grow out of market problems?

This conference provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary take on these issues. We are looking forward to diverse contributions aiming at excelling our knowledge on the key ideas about growing in shrinking markets.

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